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A visit to the ER

When I woke up morning of April 8, I almost dreaded going to the rest room. My fear confirmed. My bleeding turned heavier. I informed Jie and cried. I felt like I already lost the baby. Jie and I prayed that everything would be okay.

When Jie left for the office, I texted my OB and updated her about the situation. She informed me to go to the ER and request for a UTS. She will also call the hospital and inform the resident ER about me. I called up my mother (I was alone with baby JE at the time) so they can pick me up and bring me to the hospital. I can actually drive myself but I need someone to look after JE. 

At around 11 am, we were already in the ER. They performed an internal exam and also called me for a transV UTS. 

The wait was hard. I was googling and looking for information that would ease my mind. I know I just need to pray and leave it up to the Lord, still I can't help but be worried. 

When it was time for my UTS, they asked me questions and reviewed my previous UTS results. The sonologist informed me that the embryo was still there, however, a heart beat cannot be detected yet. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. It's still there. There is a chance!

My OB visited me after a while and explained that there is a 50% chance. The embryo was there but it seemed "faded". Also, it seemed to not have grown since my last UTS. She inquired if I wanted to be admitted but also warned me that nothing much would be done. I would sill be taking the same medication. I opted to go home. I was optimistic. My baby is still there. 

I checked the results and it was stated that I have subchorionic hemorrhage, a blood clot between the placenta and the uterus. I have read that a lot of those with this condition lead to healthy pregnancies. A sigh of relief... However my doctor informed me to check my bleeding. If some form of tissue comes out, then it can be a sign that I might have a miscarriage. 

I don't know what to think anymore.  I have been reading community forum and they all advised not to google the condition. Some stories have calmed me though. Some shared that they had bleeding and still continued with their pregnancy. I now leave it up to the Lord. He knows what is best.