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CANADA ATBP - a chance to give back to the community


We have been in Canada for almost 2 years now. I am currently an international student in my 4th term. Junjie is on an open work permit. 

Yesterday, we were given the chance to talk and share our experience with incoming University of Victoria students. 

The event was called CANADA ATBP. (Canada at iba pa or Canada and others), an event aimed to provide tips, networks, and opportunities for newcomers. The organizers are good friends and we are so glad that we were able to contribute and give back to the community. 

The topics consisted of the following:

1. Lifestyle guide and tips for an overview of grocery shopping, driving, rentals and healthcare here in Canada

2. Job hunting and resume-building tips

3. PR pathway options 

4. Business opportunities

Talking to the attendees afterward, I am glad that we were able to provide useful tips. Hopefully, with what we shared, it will make it easier for them to start their new life here in Victoria. I don't think there were any similar events when we first went here. Or perhaps we were just not able to attend one. So we know the struggles. It is still fresh. And sometimes, when we look back, it still feels like yesterday, and yet also a long time ago. 

The event opened with a an icebreaker and dance led by Reymark

Edlaine - Uvic Philippine Community Vice Chairperson hosted the event
Junjie - Lifestyle tips speaker 
Elle - Lifestyle tips speaker
Rob on job hunting tips and resumes
Nathan on PR pathways
Eunice on starting a business in Canada
Cobb, Bayanihan Community Center representative, talking about anti-racism survey
Speakers and attendees' group photo
Snack and networking time

Organizers having a huddle after the successful event
We are so thankful to the event organizers, headed by the couple Joevi and Nathan. Theirs is an inspiring story. They were able to get permanent residency while Nathan was still in his last term at Uvic. With their preparation, they secured their PR in less than 2 years. Currently, they are also starting their own business here in Victoria, BC. 

This event is the first of many and as early as now, the organizers are planning similar sessions for future terms. 

If you are an incoming Uvic student, or an international student from any Canadian school, you may contact CANADA ATBP at 

If you are an incoming UVIC student, you may also get in touch with the following speakers:

A special shoutout to the  Bayanihan Community Center who provided the venue, and long time Victoria Filipino couple Amelia and Aron dela Fuente who co-sponsored the event with Joevi and Nathan.