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Benjamin's Cafe, a Filipino dining place in Victoria BC

Our friend posted eating Lomi, and just like that, we were curious. We asked them where they had their lomi and they mentioned Benjamin's Cafe. 

A quick search on the address and off we went. 

Benjamin's Cafe is located in the Esquimalt area at 614b Grenville Avenue in Victoria. According to the staff, it is just approaching its third month this November. 

I was not able to take a lot of pictures of the interior. It was lunchtimea  when we arrived and there was pretty good amount of customers. 

There were ample tables. We think it was the owner himself who showed us where to sit. We got the one at the corner and ordered in front. 

Aside from lomi, they have silogs, sisig, cakes, puto, Goldilocks items, Selecta ice cream, empanada, among others.  The lomi was super hot. In this cold weather, it was what we needed. It had eggs, liver, squid balls and ground pork. 

Sisig had the taste of spicy garlic mayo. An order may be shared by two, but you will need to order extra rice. 

After that meal, busog!

Nakakakamiss at nakakatuwa. Automatically we shifted to Tagalog and it's nice to hear Filipino conversation all around. 

We know we will come back here again.

Check Benjamin's Cafe here

dark chocolate cake 

Big bowl of hot lomi

Puto with cheese, 8 pcs

Sisig with rice