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And the puppeteer realized He is also a puppet Strings pulled while he pulls another What irony!


Disappointment reeks Awful and nauseating A year of toil No harvest from the soil The gods are blind Or they just refuse to see The drudgery and travail The slave gave to no avail

Oh my clementine

A few steps from Villa Caceres (where our event was held) was Clementine. A nondescript restaurant, you would think it was just a canteen along the road. But I got fascinated by the interiors and the affordable food it serves. Clementine is a pasta shop cum novelty store cum bakeshop. …

Sampling ribs

Had really no time when we went to Naga last September 9. We stayed for 5 days but saw nothing. Well we were there not for pleasure but to facilitate an activity. So I might as well accept the fact. This is just to share the few restaurants we dined in, restaurants near the event venue,…

Hi ho Silver away!

A product launch is always tedious. From planning to checking scripts, coordinating and planning even the littlest detail, it is almost a relief when you finally reach the night (or the day) of the launch. This time, it is a 2 months work all compressed into one final staging! The launc…

the task that is IMC

Doing marketing plans can be a breeze, if you know what to do, and if you have all the data at hand. IMC is like summarizing the plans of all the departments in one presentation. From strategies, to creatives, to media, to PR, to event... all in your mercy, as you try to fix it all in y…

A diamond of activities

5 more days and counting... This Friday, September 4 is our product launch. One of the biggest brands that my team is handling is "arriving in the Philippines". The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of stress, overtimes, meeting deadlines .... all the pressure that def…

Mudshake and Pinacoladas

Another day of OT. In fact been doing that for the last couple of weeks already. No life. But this is where this OT night differed. The three of us, who was left in the team, went to the nearby convenience store. There we bought a bottle each of Vodka mudshakes and Pinacoladas. In the p…

Cotton, Candy and their puppies

We delivered the last of Cotton and Candy’s puppies today. The last 2 were the favorite. sigh. The first one (2nd from right), was picked up by its new owner 3 weeks ago. It was alright then. We weren’t so attached to them. Besides, there were still 3. Then the second one (4th from rig…