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Chicken bowl at FabFresco

Chicken bowl at FabFresco - combination of tortilla chips, greens, ground chicken, chopped tomatos in a bed of brown rice. Served with chili. Yum!!! 👍👍👍  Fabfresco by Faburitto is a kiosk serving Mexican fare at the 11th floor of the LKG tower in Salcedo Village Makati

Okiniiri, BF Paranaque

We chanced upon this place when we were driving in the area. They have a banner that says eat-all-you-can for just Php 380. Food lovers that we are, we decided to try the place. They have two areas: one near the buffet and another enclosed area which I think can be rented as a function r…

Restaurante Damaso, Greenbelt 5

Dinner last night was impromptu. We initially planned to go to the newly opened Starbucks Reserve at Rufino St., but ended up at Greenbelt 5 instead. After debating and checking where we felt like eating, we ended up at Damaso. It was both our first time in the place. I don’t know why s…

Gerbu’s Burger N’ Tacos

We have passed by this place numerous time. One night, when we passed by BF Aguirre and we saw that it was still open, we decided to try it out. From their signage, they are offering burgers and tacos. Aside from this though, they also offer steaks and sizzlers. Here is sharing our dini…

Rodrigo’s Roast Beef, BF

Found this in Zomato when we were on the lookout for something filling and affordable.I cannot really remember if we were craving for meat All I know is we were hungrrrry (as always). I remembered that it was already mid-afternoon but nobody had any lunch yet. So you can imagine how o…

Calda Pizza +True Blends

Our week days usually end late. Dinner at 9 pm and later are common. So, when after an errand we found ourselves at BF Paranaque, our next mission was to find a place that was still open, and would not be rushing us with call-for-last-orders. We were not looking for something fancy…

A Father's Day Greeting

This is a day late. Not because I did not remember but I was holding off because I remember and feel so much. There is still not a day when I don’t recall — when I see your chair, your picture, the house. There were still some unspoken conversations, you and I. All the posts …

Market Sights & My Big Fat Greek Kouzina

Yey its weekend! Somehow, weekends in Makati remind me of the markets. I don’t know, I just find the sight beautiful, I feel like a child in a fair. Lol! I also love that there are so many yummy treats. I just can’t seem to decide

Never again at Kitchitora (Glorietta 5)

We dined here at Kitchitora a few weeks back. We were actually looking for a place with beer as one of us were looking for one. Though no one actually ordered it. The place was packed and we had to wait a while before we were seated. There were only 2 things I remembered when we went he…

The real Inipit

We received two boxes of this as pasalubong from relatives who came all the way from Pangasinan.  I only knew of the snack food version before, the one that you can buy from the grocery, and let us say

Trying Dusadee Thai

We were in the mood for trying out something different that time (as we always do). I actually saw this place before when we passed by the area so I suggested it. A quick google informed us that it is along Aguirre Ave., in BF Paranaque.

Ba Noi’s

I am not sure how long Ba Noi’s was in Makati. I have not noticed it before whenever we eat at Mom and Tina’s. But that afternoon, notice it we did. We were actually thinking of eating at Mom and Tina’s  but decided to try Ba Noi’s instead. We started with the usual Vietnamese spri…

Craving for Trail mix

I have recently discovered this trail mix from Healthy You, and since then it has always been part of my grocery list. I think this brand is from Robinson's as I only see this in their groceries.  This trail mix is not as "healthy" as it looks,

Cafe Mary Grace merienda

Veering away from our usual Starbucks coffee, we decided to hang out in Mary Grace this time.  Now, the Tsoknut chocolate would have been superb if

Breakfast all day at Ally’s

I love breakfasts! In my world of deadlines and meetings, a leisurely breakfast only signifies one thing: vacation and relax time hehe

New Bombay

Last Friday night, we cannot decide where to eat. We wanted something new so we decided to walk around Salcedo Village to check out the different places near the area. We ended up along Dela Costa St., and there we decided to eat at New Bombay. It was actually my first time to e…

Sophia’s Mediterranean-Italian Cuisine

Pergola Mall is a small mall along Aguirre Ave. in BF Paranaque. For those familiar with the place, it is besides Ruins, and where Robinson’s Supermarket is located. Lately, we have been frequenting the place to buy our groceries from Robinson’s. Within Pergola Mall is Sophia…

Sultan Mediterranean Grill

One Friday night, when we were in the mood for something new, we decided to try Sultan Mediterranean Grill since we have been seeing this place. After all, it is just near our office.

Warung Indo

I’ve heard about this Indonesian restaurant from a colleague. Last Friday night was the only time we were able to check it out. The place is located at San Agustin St, at the back of LPL Tower, in Salcedo Village. When we went there, there were a lot of muslims dining that time, a si…