Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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Look back
How good it was.
Bliss and contentment
Joy in the present.

Yet the cloud arrived
Distracted the mind
Questions arose.
Clouded emotions 

Move on?
To the future unknown
Joy unsure
Destination hazy

Turn back?
To the joy that was
Is it the same?
Has it remained unchanged?

Decide soon...

20100324 © elleesteban

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Road trip to the elements

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It felt like the road is endless last March 16-17. But it was heaven when we reached the place. The sun did not deter me from enjoying a piece of God's handiwork. 
Experience the elements: earth, wind, water
Meeting place at 4:30 AM

The sun kissing the mountains at 7am

the lonely tree

the arid Earth and the cool breeze

Serpent eagle, will you take me when you fly?

Life and color ...

amidst desolation....

pondering life...


Calm always arrives

Lake on top of the mountain...




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