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Showing posts from July, 2011

Cibo delicioso 2

Went back to Cibo last Friday. Tried the linguini al nero (squid ink) this time. It was OK.  Still prefer the alla romana tho. I must say... you need lots of table napkin while eating this. Will literally turn your lips black hahahah I liked the sweet thingies on top of the liver pat…

The Cheese Steak Shop

Last July 13, we happened to pass by Arnaiz Road, Makati on our way home. We saw The Cheese Steak Shop and figured "this is something new". The food adventurers that we are, we tried it out. We were right on the "new" part. It was the first day of their soft opening.…


Wrote this just now out of frustration... :( A ship with no compass That is us. Stranded in the ocean Floating in the dark. No direction Sail with no wind. Oarsmen row To any which way they go Battered by the rain Ship remained afloat (for how long?) Don’t …

Color me lips

Love makeup! That does not always translate to  using it tho. But I always find myself buying and hording tons, without necessarily using it every time. (So don't expect me to be always made up just because I love makeups :P) Recently acquired a gift from my mom. It is a lip gloss …

Note to self #1

I have been disorganized in my (digital) life. For those who have seen my previous entries, this blog has evolved from a journal, to a food blog, to whatever. I guess it depended on my mood. I write whenever and whatever I want to, whether it is food, or an experience, or something I hav…