Monday, December 30, 2013

Rub Ribs Quezon City

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Whenever I go to Quezon City, my only condition is that we eat at a place that is not present it Makati or Paranaque.
Jie was so raving about this place so much. Since we were still doing some errands, we had lunch at around 2pm. But Jie was saying that it was worth the wait. And I agree. It was worth it!
Rub 013
The place was small but even at 2 pm, people were waiting in line considering it was a Sunday.
The ground floor only has the counter and one table for 4. Majority of the tables were at the second floor.
Rub 001Rub 002Rub 003
The second floor was adorned with a lot posters that include Beatles, quotes and old actors.
The menu includes BBQ Ribs sets : Family Brunch (with 3 side dishes), Super Duo (2 side dishes) and Singles (1 side dish).
We opted for the Super Duo and chose buttered vegetables and coleslaw
Rub 004
Rub 005Rub 006

We also ordered their baked potato soup. And oh my! It was great!
See the chunks below? Nope. It is not potato but chunks of cheddar cheese! Yum!

Rub 007
Rub 008

Baked Potato Soup at Php 100 ea
 We also ordered a siding of bacon and potato salad (Php65). Yum but quite heavy!
Rub 011

And to the main attraction! The Baby Back Ribs!
The meat was so tender that it separates from the bones. The BBQ sauce was also similar to Rack’s. I guess one person can actually eat the whole slab!
Yummy! Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up
I want to go back here and tried the other lists from their menu. Open-mouthed smile
Rub 009
Rub 012
Rub Ribs is located at 64 Scout Rallos, Near Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City.

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E-Hotel Makati

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I am trying to check all the hotels I have been into, both in the metro and out. Checking if I have captured it via pictures.

Anyway, this one was another boutique hotel along Arnaiz Ave., Makati City. It is actually just across Renaissance Hotel (New World).
I cant believe that their published rate is Php10k. Anyway, I booked online just an hour before we went there and it cost us just Php 300 for booking. Another Php3,000 was paid while checking in.
Again, since I have not been to that many hotels, let you be the judge.
The reception was quite small. It just looks bigger in the pictures. The seats are actually the breakfast area.
 E hotel 026
The room has a narrow entry way.
E hotel 004
E hotel 006

E hotel 013
I think half of the room was the bathroom. Smile
It has a separate tub and shower room. One also has a choice of the rainfall and the regular shower.
E hotel 008
Each stay comes with a free set breakfast. Just posting pictures below Open-mouthed smile
E hotel 021
                     E hotel 020
For more information, you may check here:

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All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban
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Estrel's Caramel Cakes

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Okay, forgive me for this. I was late.
I first heard about this when someone requested this for her birthday. And that was just late this year.
Then everyone was raving about it. 
So, the moment that I was in Quezon City, off we went and bought one. 
Php 650 round cake
Let us just say I was underwhelmed. I was expecting so much more. :P Sorry about that. 
It was good, right amount of sweetness, fluffy sponge cake... but I was expecting more given that reviews say that one has to order a week before. 
Dont get me wrong. It was GOOD. :D

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All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban 
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Herald Suites

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A boutique hotel along Chino Roces Ave., Makati City...
The stay here was impromptu as I was craving for rest given the hectic work schedule. I just called them up on the night that I want to rest. When I was asking for the rate, they asked me first if the people who will be staying are foreigners or not. When they learned that Filipinos would be staying, they gave me the rate P3,000/night.
A lot of Japanese were also checking in that night. Actually, the hotel seemed to be catering to Japanese nationals. Probably because Little Tokyo was just across the street.
The staff were accommodating and friendly when we were at the lobby.
Okay, i am not an expert on hotels so you be the judge, based on the pictures below :)
2013nov21-23 11th 0692013nov21-23 11th 068
The hotel was nice. The room was unexpectedly spacious given the price.
2013nov21-23 11th 018
2013nov21-23 11th 007
The rooms faced an internal balcony. 
2013nov21-23 11th 014
There is a mini-bar, free coffee and bottled water in the room, as well.

2013nov21-23 11th 011
2013nov21-23 11th 019     

By the way, a stay comes with free breakfast. I dont have pictures but set breakfast choices include Filipino, Continental and Japanese :)

For more information, check it here:

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Director's Club, SM City BF Paranaque

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Tried the cinemas at SM BF. They were actually boasting about their Director's Club. They have 4 plus 2 3D cinemas.
It was still early when we went there so we had time to look around and take pictures. We also told them it was our "first time" so they were quite lenient hehe
After buying our tickets, we were greeted by a spacious lobby while waiting for the movie to start. There were also some seats to ensure that we can wait comfortably.
The concierge also inquired if we want to order food. But there is the option to order food inside.
If my count was correct, the cinema can accommodate about 40 seats I think. Anyway, each seat is spacious enough to have your feet up and seat with you bag beside you. The cinema attendants were also quite gracious enough to allow us to take pictures of the surroundings. Of course, there were still no people around so we were brave enough to take pictures around...
They even offered to take our pictures for us :)
The Directors club costs Php 350 each, with a free bowl of popcorn. They also have decent sandwiches, burgers and popcorn from their menu selections, as well as drinks. The guy we spoke too told us their best seller was the angus burger which costs php250 each and the chicken panini which costs a little over Php100. The chicken paninis we ordered were actually good.
Oh, and by the way, only food bought from their store is allowed inside. :)
I think we found another hang out place to relax. :D
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All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban 
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