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Ascott Lunch

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Not so fond of hotel food so was quite surprised with Ascott's lunch when we had our whole day meeting there.
We had lamb for our entree and it was okay (Well I think it was okay but lamb is not always a preferred dish when I go out. I think it is quite heavy.)

But I liked the risotto that came with it. Since I don't often eat rice recently (yeah right), I almost finished this one. The taste was quire addicting, (meaning I cant help but taste more of it).
The dessert was a dark chocolate cake with cherries. Considering I love dark chocolate, this one was a winner.
Happy lunch, happy tummy Smile

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Apo and pizza

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Just want to share pictures of my grandmother celebrating her 83rd birthday.

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Seeing doubles (LOL) – this time trying the features of my Olympus Tough.
Party smileParty smileParty smile

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After the fabulous seafood lunch, it was pizza time from S&R.
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