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Showing posts from October, 2012

Colors and Flavors

Via Mare Oyster Bar one Friday night. With succulent oysters and flavorful salads Enjoyed with a bottle of beer and night lights

Smart Samsung

Haha I just need to screen grab this. I am not perfect but if you are Samsung... A website for a SMART phone tsk tsk They need to hire a proofreader. LOL! This is the link . I hope they correct it soon. Hehe

Lunch with Mom and Tina’s

This slow Saturday urged us to visit Mom and Tina’s again. Perhaps it was because it was not even 12 noon that’s why it appeared as if it was a slow day too for the bakery café.

Ascott Lunch

Not so fond of hotel food so was quite surprised with Ascott's lunch when we had our whole day meeting there. We had lamb for our entree and it was okay (Well I think it was okay but lamb is not always a preferred dish when I go out. I think it is quite heavy.) But I liked the risott…

Apo and pizza

Just want to share pictures of my grandmother celebrating her 83rd birthday. Seeing doubles (LOL) – this time trying the features of my Olympus Tough. After the fabulous seafood lunch, it was pizza time from S&R.