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Showing posts from October, 2013

Kenny’s Bacon-wrapped chicken Christmas Feast

From Tagaytay, we passed by at Paseo de Sta. Rosa for the continuation of my brother’s impromptu birthday celebration. Most of the stores were still closed when we arrived. Since we don’t want to delay our travel back to Manila, we chose among the few open stores at the time, which inc…

Dinner with the green lady

Ham snd cheese croissant paired with raspberry black currant ice blended This Starbucks card thingy is becoming a habit :)

Tonkatsu by Terazawa

One Saturday afternoon, when we totally missed the lunch hour, we decided to try out Tonkatsu by Terazawa ar Greenbelt. It was actually my second time there while it was Jie's first. Our "lunch" was at 3:30 and by that time, there were only a few tables occupied. So we had…