Saturday, December 3, 2016

Coors Brewery Tour, Golden Colorado

8:05:00 PM

This blog has been neglected long enough. Had so many things happening in my life! J Good things really.

But Facebook reminded me how blessed I was the past year. So here I am sharing with you.

A year ago today….

December 4, 2015
We arrived at Colorado to visit my high school friend Donna. After picking us from the airport, chats over dinner and driving us to our hotel, she informed us that we will pick us up early as she has arranged for us to visit the Coors Brewery Tour the following morning.

The tour was free and located at Golden Colorado. I don’t really know what to expect since it was my first time to go on a brewery tour.

Overall, it was okay. The tour was guided. They showed us where the beer was brewed. In the middle of the tour, we got to taste fresh beer :)

There were a lot of memorabilia for photo opportunities :P

At the end of the tour, they again serve beer free. And they have non-alcoholic drinks too in case you came with kids.

Our group, while waiting for the bus that would take us inside
Photo op at the sign :P

At the entrance
We were given tickets at the bus. This means that we are at least 21 years old :P
The ingredients of each beer

Where brewing takes place

Our tour guide


and posters....

and more posters, on the wall...

End the tour with your choice of beer :)

Off to deliver (I think) :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Zensho - a different type of eat-all-you-can

7:00:00 AM
Jie introduced me to a different type of Japanese eat-all-you can this week. After my QC meeting, Jie surprised me by bringing me to Zensho. We waited a while as dinner is served starting at 6 pm. He said he’s been trying to bring me to this place but schedule does not always permit it.

Jie chose the seats in front of the grill, where he said a chef will cook whatever you ordered in front of you. We were given an order slip where we ticked off all that we want to eat.  Yes! Emoticon by Weapons-Expert-Cool

First, we were asked to choose from their drinks of iced tea, lemonade and pandan.

For appetizers, you can choose from sashimi, sushi, maki and kani. I am not sure if you can opt to have everything since we really just want the sashimi and kani salad.  Almost immediately, our table is set.
And then the fun started. Clapping Emoticon by Weapons-Expert-Cool

Aside from the waiters delivering our baked oysters, teriyaki chicken and tempura, the chef in front of us started cooking our US beef, yasai itame, fried rice, and teppanyaki.

Teppan oysters with yasai itame
US beef with mushrooms. Jie said that there is a wagyu option.
The chef kept piling it up and when he was done, he left us for awhile but asked us to just call him if we want more.

It was really a lot! Imagine if you're that hungry and  you can ask for second servings?!

We didn’t finish everything. You could say we were not prepared. Wink Emoticon II by Weapons-Expert-Cool Definitely, we hope to be back and check what else their chef can cook for us. 

Zensho is located at Tomas Morato cor Roces Ave, Quezon City.

Price for two : Php 1,730




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