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Kalesa Fiestahan (Binmaley Rd Pangasinan)

A kalesa (also known as caritela or karitela) is a horse-drawn calash used in the Philippines. It was one mode of transportation introduced to the islands in the 18th century by Spanish colonizers, and was initially reserved for only nobles and high-ranking civic officials. …


Pardon the handwriting ✌️

To the Father in the House

Design c/o Baby Art app

Captured: Transition

Taken 3 years ago but the message still applies. Good morning 😊 "Transition period, when the dark tries to hold on, but eventually light illuminates everything in its path... and everything moves as it should. That is life. For every darkness, light arrives." 20170613

Happy Vikings Birthday

May is a month of celebrations in our family. Aside from mother's day, it is also the month when my Mom and Junjie celebrate their birthdays. This year, I reserved again for Vikings for the family. Free meal for Junjie and my Mom. 😝 We also found out that my grandmother already h…

I never understand until I became one

It was my first mother’s day… Mother’s day has always been like an ordinary day for me. Growing up, it was never in my consciousness. Of course, I greeted my mom, bought the traditional cakes, or at times, treated my family for lunch or dinner, especially after my father died… But it…

Falling in love


Slept the whole afternoon with Baby Elora. After all, it was time to catch up also on my Zzz's. Tonight she woke up. And when i thought she will stay up, she slept on my chest. Cannot explain the feeling 😊😍 #giddywithlove

Indescribable #love

Fell in love with you the first time I laid eyes on you. Start of a new chapter When the lady has become a mom. Waited my whole life for you, my baby Constant prayers and care, for you to be well. Now that I have held you in my arms Unspeakable joy, a shift in perspective. An ex…

The Burgery, Circuit Makati

Prepare to get your hands dirty when you savor The Burgery's fare. That, we did, and enjoyed it. As a starter, we ordered their wings and potato wedges. Since I was late, I didn't get to take a picture of their wedges. Though for me, it was nothing extraordinary. Their wings c…