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We have been going to  Toast Box before but we have always ordered their full meals. I guess we have always been hungry whenever we go there. Embarrassed smile This time, we decided to check out their toasts as this is what the name stands for, and should be the best that they had to offer.
We were NOT disappointed! Winking smile
I could not get enough of their floss and the peanut butter! FTW! Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up Each set comes with coffee and 2 soft boiled eggs. However, I think they should time how they cook their soft boiled eggs as ours came out on the raw side. The other table also had the same thing. No worries tho because we only informed the waiter and they returned the eggs to us cooked the way we like it.
Smile Happy tummy!

Monday, December 17, 2012

UCC Park Café–Glorietta

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 fampic 008
After a “hard and full day” of shopping, we decided to stop by at UCC Park Café in Glorietta. Even though it was almost midnight at the time, the place was packed.
We opted for something light at first that was why we settled for their mango salad and clubhouse sandwich.
their sweets and cake beckoned to us and we were not able resist trying one of their offerings. It was sinfully delicious! Too bad I could not remember what it was called. Laughing out loud
The “light” meal was not so light at all. Haha!
We would have stayed longer as the place also offered free wifi but we could not stand the cold! The table we got was below the aircon vent and on a Christmas time, it was definitely freezing! Brrr!Freezing

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fampic 002

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fambond #5 - XOI Vietnamese Kitchen

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Happened to pass by this place along BF Paranaque one Sunday lunch after church. Since I was bent on making traditions with our Sunday lunches as fambond time, and because I was running out of ideas on where to eat, we decided to check the place out.
I think it was still their soft opening when we went there. Anyway, we were the only customers when we went there that lunch time so I basically had time to take snapshots of the place.
It was also hard to choose which food to order as they had much to offer.
Vietnamese kitchen005copy
They gave us free crackers while we debate among ourselves. I think we had 2 servings of this. Nyah-Nyah
We started our meal with one of their appetizers - crispy rolls for P150. I think it is just the usual lumpia for me011copy
The Chicken lollipop was okay. It was a little dry tho. I think it costs less than P200 too012copy
Curry Chicken for P295. Sorry but I ‘ve always love curry so no major complaints here. 013copy
Beef Stew for P320. We chose it to be medium spicy because  my mom is not fond of spicy food. It would be interesting to try it a little spicier. I almost could not detect the “spice” with that one tho. 010copy
For  the meals, they add 10% Service charge.
Might go back here as there are a lot more things to explore. Though with what with we have tasted so far, it was not as excellent as I would have imagined. Interesting tho to try the bestsellers (the waiter was insisting on the crab) plus I would want to check out their pho as it seemed to be the signature dish of most Vietnamese place I’ve tried.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Open Letter to my Father

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Tay, it’s been a month. And for a month now, I avoided writing to you. It is not because I don’t want to. But because I don’t think there are words in the dictionary that would express how I feel.

I just want to tell you that I love you so much. I regret the times that I was not there to be with the family because I was “busy” with non-essential things. I am sorry that I was not able to tell you how I much I love you, and that I was most proud when you were proud of me. I have given you so little but you have given us so much. And I can never ever repay you. I missed the chance of even saying “Thank you” time and time again and showing how much you mean to me.

I was wrong to assume that you will always be there. I assumed that whenever I go home, I would see you and talk to you. But now it will never happen.

You left us so suddenly that it shocked us. A month ago now and I cant believe that time flew so fast. In my mind, I can still see you in our house. Sometimes I will myself to see you. But of course I cannot. Because you are in heaven now, the way you taught us that a person who dies does not linger but the spirit is lifted up to be with our God the Father.

I know your mission was accomplished. And that the Lord Jesus’ timing was perfect in your life. He took you the moment you’ve accomplished His will. I would have wished that He has given us enough time to be together. But it was not to be so.

In your passing, still you have given us so much more. More clarity in our lives, in our relationship with Nanay, with our relatives, and most especially with the Lord Jesus.

In your death, you gave us new birth, and new meaning. And for that we will always be eternally grateful.

I love you Tatay. I will forever celebrate your life as a pastor and as a Father. Thank you for the memories that I will forever hold close to my heart.

“Isipin nyo na lang, tapos na”
Efren Alcaparas Esteban
(April 13, 1948 – November 11, 2012)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fambond # 4 - Filipino Sunday!

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Went to the recently opened Jay-J’s branch in SM Sucat. I think it was still their soft opening when we went there.
Food is typically Filipino. They had this meals for group of people which we thought were reasonable enough.
I love their boneless bangus and their nilagang baka. Their inasal was also worth to try since it tasted different from the usual inasal.
Another Sunday lunch habit. Thumbs up

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fambond # 3 - Sen Lek

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And the new Sunday bonding habit continues.
This time it was at Sen Lek Thai Noodles along President’s Avenue in BF.
 Red heartRed heartRed heart
Curry was the winner. Thumbs up 
Combined with fried rice, bagoong fried rice and thai green chicken curry (which unfortunately was not in the picture) summed up a hearty lunch after church. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fambond # 1 - Shakeys on a Sunday

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After attending church together for the first time this year (Oh yes, you read it right, it was the first time we this year attended as one family. Bad and very bad), my bro, mom and I went to Santana Grove in Sucat for lunch. 
This time, we were in the mood for a little junk food (:P) so off to Shakey's we went. 
This was going to be the start of the Sunday lunch habit :D

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All the “single” ladies :P

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Last June and July, our friend who migrated to Canada went back for a 2 month visit. To make our nights a little different from the usual coffee and dinner (and because Jean insisted that she is single then LOL!), we decided to visit the clubs around the metro. 

Three amazing weekends when “we are young and set the world on fire…” From Vue Bar at The Bellevue Manila Alabang, Prive Luxury Club at The Fort and then Republiq Club at Resorts World.
Dance until morning we did!

“…Burn brighter than the sun…”

Open-mouthed smile Fun! Open-mouthed smile Fun! Open-mouthed smile Fun! Open-mouthed smile

Prep activities (i.e. dinner) pictures included Smile

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