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We have been going to  Toast Box before but we have always ordered their full meals. I guess we have always been hungry whenever we go there. This time, we decided to check out their toasts as this is what the name stands for, and should be the best that they had to offer. We were …

UCC Park Café–Glorietta

After a “hard and full day” of shopping, we decided to stop by at UCC Park Café in Glorietta. Even though it was almost midnight at the time, the place was packed. We opted for something light at first that was why we settled for their mango salad and clubhouse sandwich. their sw…

Fambond #5 - XOI Vietnamese Kitchen

Happened to pass by this place along BF Paranaque one Sunday lunch after church. Since I was bent on making traditions with our Sunday lunches as fambond time, and because I was running out of ideas on where to eat, we decided to check the place out. I think it was still their soft openi…

An Open Letter to my Father

Tay, it’s been a month. And for a month now, I avoided writing to you. It is not because I don’t want to. But because I don’t think there are words in the dictionary that would express how I feel. I just want to tell you that I love you so much. I regret the times that I was not there t…

Fambond # 4 - Filipino Sunday!

Went to the recently opened Jay-J’s branch in SM Sucat. I think it was still their soft opening when we went there. Food is typically Filipino. They had this meals for group of people which we thought were reasonable enough. I love their boneless bangus and their nilagang baka. Their…

Fambond # 3 - Sen Lek

And the new Sunday bonding habit continues. This time it was at Sen Lek Thai Noodles along President’s Avenue in BF.   Curry was the winner.   Combined with fried rice, bagoong fried rice and thai green chicken curry (which unfortunately was not in the picture) summed up a hearty…

Fambond # 2 - Saturday Snack time at Tokyo Cafe

Been liking this Asian snack houses recently...  Introduced my mom and bro this time at Tokyo Cafe so they could try their toasts and other desserts.  One idyllic Saturday at SM Southmall... :) Created using Pic Collage. Sent from my i…

Fambond # 1 - Shakeys on a Sunday

After attending church together for the first time this year (Oh yes, you read it right, it was the first time we this year attended as one family . Bad and very bad), my bro, mom and I went to Santana Grove in Sucat for lunch.  This time, we were in the mood for a little junk food (:…

Savory Dinner

A Savory Dinner after a hectic week. And yes, the classic Savory chicken should always be present. Near Resorts World, after we brought Kuya to the airport

November 11, 2012

A date that would forever be etched in my memory... Seemed like a dream. It was that quick.  In an instance, everything changed.  A new perspective. Irony of life.  Disbelief yet acceptance. Darkness and Clarity. Death and Rebirth.

All the “single” ladies :P

Last June and July, our friend who migrated to Canada went back for a 2 month visit. To make our nights a little different from the usual coffee and dinner (and because Jean insisted that she is single then LOL!), we decided to visit the clubs around the metro.  All the single la…

Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe

Xin Wang Hongkong Café , despite its name, is actually a Singaporean Café. When we stumbled upon it at SM Mall of Asia about a week ago,

Colors and Flavors

Via Mare Oyster Bar one Friday night. With succulent oysters and flavorful salads Enjoyed with a bottle of beer and night lights